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"Joan Vogel is right on the mark. Take the freshest, best ingredients, including widely available gourmet convenience foods. Cook them quickly and simply, with a blast of imagination...serve them with a great spirit of sexy fun and humor. I want to eat at her house! Always a great party!"

-Michael McCarty;

chef extraordinaire, and restaraunt visionary
Michael's Restaraunts; NY and LA


"Joan has written a book that will get you cooking! Her clever flavorful recipes reflect her palate's naturally perfect culinary pitch.

Joan sees food as an everyday celebration of life at the table. This is definitely the kind of cookbook flavor seekers come back to over and over..."

-John Rivera Sedlar;

Owner and four star chef of 'Rivera', Los Angeles


"While using off the shelf products to assemble a quick meal isn't necessarily a novel concept, author Joan Vogel takes the approach to a new level. The focus of these assembled meals is to combine fresh (and frequently) packaged products along with other flavorful condiments, fresh herbs, and high-quality ingredients which are then artfully presented into gourmet meals.

...If you have a lot of drop-in friends and family and you need put together a flavorful, gourmet meal fast, then this is a great book for your resource library."

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Author Joan Vogel, better known to some as “The Ojai Cook” and “The Shopping Cart Chef,” has written an intriguing new book that should be of value to gourmet retailers everywhere...The book is a colorful, witty and thoroughly delightful guide for cooks with little time...This would be a perfect book to merchandise all around the store — in produce, packaged foods, the prepared foods section and the fresh meat and seafood departments since she takes advantage of all those areas to create her classic and contemporary meals.

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